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STIRgrafik offers a complete range of design and print services from web design, to corporate branding and advertising support.

STIRgrafik poster design for ECO-ads

STIRgrafik seeks to offer quality services at affordable rates suited to all ranges of types and size of business, organisation, charities or individuals. STIRgrafik is able to offer design and print services for most sizes of leaflets, flyers, business stationary, as well as bespoke products and packaging. At the present time, we are able to offer our design services for large-scale posters, but we're currently unable to print them in-house.

STIRgrafik aims...

STIRgrafik actively promotes paper-free solutions and the use of recycled paper, both within our own office, our design studio and for our printed output. In this way we aim to reduce the amount of waste being disposed of and to promote the use of sustainable resources.

STIRgrafik design for a promotional key-fob promoting WASTE Innovations

Innovating With Waste

Through our close relationship with WASTE Innovations, STIRgrafik is seeking to push further with these ideals, jointly developing products and promotional items which actively re-use and re-employ more challenging, and perhaps more obvious, waste materials, such as PCB's.

STIRgrafik designs for packaging of recycled bookmarks

Get involved with STIRgrafik

If you possess the skills, exerience, time, and inclination, and would like to contribute to STIRgrafik, then email us at or use our volunteer form.