STIRart | Seeing that potential doesn't go to waste

STIRart is an environmental and community aware platform for the visual arts in Edinburgh, which targets a broad audience from professional artists to the general public. The objective of STIRart is to encourage the potential of developing artists and to promote the work of existing artists, whilst cultivating the artistic interest and participation of the wider community.

STIRart Exhibition Posters

STIRart encourages the use of waste, scrap and recycled materials in the pursuit of artistic endeavours and we are dedicated to finding business solutions to sustain our activities without recourse to external funding.

STIRart and the environment

STIRart promotes the use of waste into art, providing opportunities for artists to contribute towards STIRnetwork's goal of encouraging the sustainable use of resources. With our exhibitions, STIRart provides an opportunity for artists to explore the potential of waste products as an artisit's raw materials, and encourages them to innovate accordingly.

STIRart: Reusing the milk bottles thrown out by Starbucks in one week

STIRart and the community

As well as exhibitions, STIRart also runs workshops to encourage the creative sides of various communities and community groups, and to explore their artisitic potential without adding to the burden of waste.

STIRart: the children of the local community engaged in a lantern making workshop.

STIRart and business

Businesses are invited to host one of our exhibitions or to support our community involvement programme. If your business has a suitable premises and you might be interested in hosting an exhibition then please email us at

STIRart: the exhibition hosted within Ocean Terminal, Leith.

Get involved with STIRart

If you would like to submit work for our forthcoming exhibitions and to be featured on our website, or if you are just interested in being involved in any future projects as and when they arise, then email us at and ask to be added to our database.