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A corporate design is the official graphical design of the logo and name of an organisation and will be employed as the house-style on letterheads, envelopes, flyers, folders, brochures, etc.. The development of a corporate identity requires professional design skills to attract customers towards your business and reassure them of the trust and reliability of your organisation through the distinctiveness and strength of your identity. STIRgrafik is well practiced in produce customized Company logo designs and Corporate Identity Solutions. while always keeping in mind your requirements.

STIRagrafik designs for corporate stationary: letterheads.

At STIRgrafik, our design team understand how critical your corporate identity, or branding, is to the success of your business.

Logo Design

At STIRgrafik we appreciate that every organisation is unique, and every client's business requirements will differ. Our design team aspires to provide every customer with a logo that is eye-catching, professional, 100% unique, and crafted to the clients' needs. Our design team also appreciate the need for the usability of the logo design. Branding by its very nature will need to work on everything from stationery, banners, websites, and bespoke products such as t-shirts and signs.

STIRagrafik designs for corporate logos.

Stationary Design

Having co-ordinated stationery reinforces your company's branding and distinguishes your company literature. At STIRgrafik we realise the importance to your business of possessing stationery of the highest quality, knowing that potential customers will judge your business on first impressions - and first impressions count!

STIRagrafik designs for corporate stationary: compliment slips.

A strong corporate identity is a powerful way of giving your company, your products and services, the authority and confidence they deserve. It is a highly effective way in communicating the type of organisation you want to be seen as.

STIRagrafik designs for corporate stationary: stationary sets.

The Branding Strategy

It's a common mistake, made by many small businesses, to confuse their logo and their "branding". The logo is only one part of the branding strategy. Your logo is a symbol that can provide consumers with an instant and powerful recognition of your business and it's product and services that you offer.

STIRgrafik design for a promotional key-fob promoting WASTE Innovations

Your logo is like a small advert for your company, but without a strategy behind it a logo can transmit the wrong message and thereby weaken your reputation. The design team at STIRgrafik realise the importance of keeping your brand message consistent to help increase consumer recognition, and will adopt a disciplined approach to the design process to protect that consistency and with it your reputation.