STIRgrafik | Print Design, Web Design, Sustainable Design

The design team at STIRgrafik is built upon a breadth of backgrounds and experience. A team whose broad range of abilities, across the gamut of print and web design, enables them to handle any task to which they're assigned. All of our team-members are highly-skilled and have cumatively worked for, and alongside, a full amalgamation of clients and design briefs. Each member of the team is able to offer something distinct to our association, and we always aim to exploit these differences to your advantage, approaching every assignment with innovation and new ideas.


Ben Mitchell : Graphic Designer

Back for a second stint - did he do something wrong, or did we? Graphic design and a bit of web design (but he's better with hardware). Mostly works with Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign, but will also work with Dreamweaver, Flash, and whatever new toy he can get his hands on. Will work with PCs, Mac's and Linux. Likes graphics tablets (hint!).