STIRnetwork is a social enterprise that was founded in Edinburgh in 2003, S.T.I.R. is short for SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGY, INFORMATION & RESEARCH. STIRnetwork is a not-for-profit social enterprise, that functions as a network of micro-businesses working together in pursuit of common objectives. The currently active micro-businesses are: STIRgrafik, STIRart, Ceilidh Connections and STIRwood. find out more here

STIRlogo in recycled paper collage

STIRnetwork does...

The ethos of ZERO WASTE is the aspiration which underpins all of the STIRnetwork projects:

encourages the use of waste, scrap and recycled materials in the pursuit of artistic endeavours.
actively promoting paper-free solutions and the use of recycled materials, in both their design work, and their operational and administrative output.
collects waste wood from business and public sector organizations and recycles it into high value, hand-made wooden products which are then put on sale through the WASTE Innovations eco-portal in St. Mary's Street, Edinburgh.

STIR-ing summation:

STIR is a proactive network that assists businesses to adopt innovative recycling practices for the benefit of both the local community and the environment.