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STIRgrafik has an especially close relationship with WASTE Innovations, which is a company whose main function is to provide a products, marketing, and sales platform for the products generated by the variuous micro-businesses that make up the STIRnetwork, as well as being a market research, marketing and sales arm for other eco-products available in the marketplace.

STIRgrafik packaging design for PCB bookmarks on behalf of WASTE Innovations

STIRgrafik has an integral role in the marketing of WASTE Innovations products, often being involved from the earliest stages and inspiring new product possibilities and opportunities.

Creative, Innovative & Challenging

The relationship between STIRgrafik and WASTE Innovations provides a broad range of challenges. As well as producing business stationary and other materials for both WASTE Innovations and it's subsidiary ECO-ads; there is also a need to design and produce packaging and promotional materials for each of the WASTE Innovations products; and additionally, there is the challenge of adapting those materials to reflect the needs of various external clients.

STIRgrafik design for a promotional calender promoting WASTE Innovations

Additional Opportunities

Another challenging creative outlet for the skills of the STIRgrafik team arises in the form of poster design for the clients of the WASTE Innovations' subsidiary, ECO-ads. Most of the larger clients, whether corporate or governmental, tend to make their own arrangements, employing the services of ECO-ads as part of a much larger campaign. But for smaller clients, producing posters of this size represent a new departure and they will often appreciate any help available to simplify the process. Whislt STIRgrafik can't, at this time, produce the posters in-house, we are able to pass on to our clients the benefits and discounts which arise as a consequence of our existing relationships with local print-shops.

STIRgrafik poster design for ECO-ads

Working With WASTE

If your business could use the products or promotional services offered by WASTE Innovations, please email