is a partnership and fundraising scheme bringing together business and the community for the benefit of the environment. It is designed to offer the individual, small organisation or company, and even larger companies the opportunity to support the work of STIRnetwork or if preferred specific projects.

A Study in :

Farne Salmon & Trout Ltd., a fish-processing plant based in the Scottish Borders, piloted our Business programme. Over 120 tonnes of polystyrene packaging waste was diverted from land-fill sites over a 12 month period, many volunteers gained valuable experience, and jobs were created for disabled people, such as "Graham", who obtained his fork-lift certificate through us.


For Farne Salmon & Trout Ltd:
Farne Salmon & Trout Ltd. initiated a recycling programme vastly reducing their costs from the ever-spiralling landfill charges of over £50,000pa. In turn, this led to the recycling of other materials and additional cost savings, which dramatically improved their environmental performance.
For "Graham":
"Graham" gained his forklift certificate to enhance his employment prospects.
For STIRnetwork:
STIRnetwork was able to create 3 jobs and 6 volunteer opportunities over a 1-year period, and has also developed an additional horticultural project which reused some of the polystyrene boxes for plants.
For the community:
The volunteering and work-experience placements benefited the community at large.
For the environment:
120 tonnes of polystyrene was recycled in just one year, saving valuable oil reserves and reducing notoriously difficult landfill material.
Recycling fish-processing waste for our Shar-ing partners

The Value Of :

We intend that being a partner will benefit you as much as STIRnetwork. We want to share our expertise and ethos with you. We hope that our partners will also encourage their friends, colleagues, suppliers and customers to adopt a sustainable approach to their activities and business thereby allowing STIRnetwork to facilitate programmes and workshops that will allow our values to percolate through your networks.