To improve our social, economic and environmental future through innovation, creativity and community involvement.


To develop, promote and encourage the sustainable use of resources.
To encourage the use of more sustainable waste management practices and sustainable energy technologies.
To promote environmental restoration and protection.
To develop partnerships between business and community organisations.
To create job opportunities.
To help businesses fulfill their sustainability agenda.


Business, Community & Environment

Currently our main business is in wood recycling. Through developing, making and selling products made from wood that would otherwise have been incinerated, we hope to do our part for the environment and encourage the use of sustainable furniture. We are also looking into developing sustainable businesses in paper recycling and graphic design.

STIRnetwork seeks to bring together the needs of business and the community to sustain the environment.


All of our micro-businesses are based on the same template model. Each micro-business can be replicated and "plugged in" where the need arises, whether it is led by a specific recycling need e.g. to service a specific company's waste or community need e.g. job creation.

We aspire to fair trading and ethical business and aim to provide the opportunity for business to fulfil their social and environmental responsibilities through involvement with us.


Our workforce is composed of mixed teams of volunteers and paid staff , encompassing the full breadth of our society, we utilise the experience of both retired and professional people, and the varied and under-exploited talents of the unemployed, the disabled, and members of many local community groups. We can offer our volunteers a high degree of personal support where required alongside opportunities for career development and training. Through these mixed teams we help engender tolerance and understanding across the many divisions afflictiong our society.

We are also able to offer visitors an opportunity to sample local community involvement whilst at the same time enhancing the environment by participating in our eco-tourism workshops.


We aim to promote the environmental message through education, awareness and promotion by involving the community and business in a variety of ways including workshops, our products, and working with us.

Our environmental commitment is underlined by our various recycling opportunities, in particular paper, wood, ceramic tiles and polystyrene.